UT Dallas 2017 Undergraduate Catalog

UNIV3040 - Peer Facilitators in the Peer Tutoring Program

UNIV 3040 Peer Facilitators in the Peer Tutoring Program (0 semester credit hours) This is a required course for all students selected to serve as Peer Facilitators in the Peer Tutoring program. The participants in this course will study issues related to peer facilitated instruction. Leaders will learn how to help each student accentuate his/her individual learning skills, work efficiently with diverse learners, and apply strategies to help the group to solve their own problems while creating a sense of independence. This course analyzes theories, methods, and strategies associated with peer facilitated instruction through group activities, readings, lectures, class discussions and online assignments. Critical inquiry and 'best practices' will play important roles throughout the semester. Peer leaders will continue and build upon required discussion group participation through deliverables related to specified learning outcomes. Credit/No Credit only. May be repeated up to three times. Instructor consent required. (2-0) S