UT Dallas 2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Admission

First-Time Freshman Admissions

A "first-time freshman" is an applicant to UT Dallas, who has not enrolled in another institution of higher education after their high school graduation, excluding summer. For the purposes of admission and scholarship consideration, applicants will be evaluated as "first-time freshmen" if the students' first matriculation at a college or university during a long semester after graduating from high school will occur at UT Dallas. Applicants are still considered as "first-time freshmen" if they earn college credit before high school graduation. If an applicant has earned college credit during a long semester after high school graduation, he or she is not considered a "first-time freshman" and should consult admission requirements for a transfer student (see "Transfer Admission Criteria").

The University's policy is to admit applicants who are most able to benefit from and contribute to the University's academic and research mission. The high academic expectations and complex educational curricula at UT Dallas require that first-time freshmen have successfully completed a full college-track high school curriculum and have demonstrated strong general verbal and quantitative aptitudes as measured on national standardized tests.

Subject to available enrollment capacities and academic requirements for specific degree programs, all students admitted to the University will be enrolled in the degree program requested in their application material. Students who, because of these constraints, cannot be enrolled in their first choice of major will be offered enrollment as outlined in the acceptance letter.

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