UT Dallas 2017 Undergraduate Catalog

PHYS4398 - Senior Research Project for BA Degree

PHYS 4398 Senior Research Project for BA Degree (3 semester credit hours) Individual instruction course for students seeking the Bachelor of Arts degree designed to develop skills for clear, precise and accurate scientific writing. The Bachelor of Arts degree is designed as a strong base in physics to pursue graduate studies or work in fields other than physics. The requirement involves research in a topic of the student's choice that the shows the physics involved and the application of the physics background to the field and the development of a plan for implementing such a program. Possibilities include other sciences, medical fields including radiology and diagnostic tools involving physics principles, economics, finance, accounting, patent or high technology law and education at the primary or secondary school level. The research culminates in a minimum of a 12 page paper submitted to the faculty mentor, critiqued and rewritten by the student incorporating the suggestions from the mentor and resubmitted. Instructor consent required. Please consult advisors for more detailed information. (3-0) S