UT Dallas 2017 Undergraduate Catalog

CE1100 - Introduction to Computer Engineering

CE 1100 Introduction to Computer Engineering (1 semester credit hour) Introduction to discipline and practice of Electrical and Computer Engineering; overview of the EE/CE curricula. Basic study, problem solving and other skills needed to succeed as an EE/CE major. Introduction to professional ethics, EE/CE engineering design and quantitative methods; team projects designed to replicate decision process in real-world applications of the EE/CE engineering process. BMEN 1100 or CS 1200 or EE 1100 or MECH 1100 can substitute for this course. Credit cannot be received for more than one of the following: BMEN 1100, CE 1100, CS 1200, EE 1100 or MECH 1100. (1-1) Y