UT Dallas 2017 Undergraduate Catalog

BMEN3399 - Introductory Biomechanics

BMEN 3399 Introductory Biomechanics (3 semester credit hours) The course covers both biosolid and biofluid mechanics. Covered topics include kinematics, stress, strain, equilibrium, extension, and torsion. Topics will be discussed in the context of biomedical engineering tools and biological tissue structure, function, and properties. Biofluid mechanics concepts will include stress, motion, balance relations (balance of mass, and balance of linear momentum), and their constitutive relations as well as flow between parallel plates and circular tubes. The latter lay the foundation for understanding fluid flow in the human body. Practical examples within the human body including examples of bone and artery loading mechanics will be incorporated. Selected basic concepts in biomaterials will be introduced in the context of biomechanical applications. Prerequisite: BMEN 2320. (3-0) R