UT Dallas 2014 Undergraduate Catalog

STAT3332 - Statistics for Life Sciences

STAT 3332 Statistics for Life Sciences (3 semester credit hours) Graphs, histograms, mean, median, standard deviation, Chebyshev's inequality, standardized scores, simple linear regression and correlation; basic rules of probability, Bayes theorem; Normal t, chi squared, F, binomial and Poisson distributions; point estimation; hypothesis tests and confidence intervals for means, proportions regression coefficients, and correlation; one way ANOVA; contingency tables. Applications in life sciences will be emphasized throughout the course. May not used to satisfy degree requirements for mathematics, engineering, or computer science majors. This course will retain core notation for a transition period - see http://go.utdallas.edu/core-curriculum-transition. Please consult advisors for more detailed information. Prerequisite: MATH 2312 or MATH 1325 or equivalent. (3-0) S