UT Dallas 2014 Undergraduate Catalog

NATS3343 - Classroom Interactions

NATS 3343 Classroom Interactions (3 semester credit hours) This course moves from a focus on thinking and learning to a focus on teaching and learning. Topics include principles of delivering effective instruction in various formats (lecture, lab activity, collaborative settings); examination of gender, class, race, and culture in mathematics and science education; overview of policy related to mathematics and science education. Students participate in an intensive, highly coached high school field experience comprised of 3 observations and 2 co-teaching events, including a multiple-period or day, connected lesson. Three lecture hours a week for one semester; at least twenty hours of fieldwork a semester are also required. Students should also expect to dedicate out-of-class time to video transfer, lesson planning, and working on the portfolio project. Restricted to students in the UTeach Dallas program. Prerequisites: A university grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.750 and credit or registration for NATS 3341 and a GPA of 3.000 or better in UTeach coursework and UTeach advisor consent required. (3-0) S