UT Dallas 2014 Undergraduate Catalog

MECH4381 - Senior Design Project I

MECH 4381 Senior Design Project I (3 semester credit hours) Project-based capstone course. Student groups design, build, and test a device that solves an open-ended mechanical engineering design problem. MECH 4381 focuses on background research, design, and engineering analysis, MECH 4382 on prototype construction and testing. As designated MECH Writing-Intensive Courses, MECH 4381 and MECH 4382 also focus on the refinement of students' engineering communications skills and their use of writing as a critical-thinking and learning tool. Prerequisites: MECH 3305 and MECH 3320 and MECH 3351 and MECH 4310 and ECS 3390. (3-0) Y