UT Dallas 2014 Undergraduate Catalog

CS4485 - Computer Science Project

CS 4485 Computer Science Project (4 semester credit hours) This course is intended to complement theory and to provide an in-depth, hands-on experience in all aspects of a software development project. Students will work in teams on projects of interest to industry and will be involved in specifying the problem and its solution, designing and analyzing the solution, developing the software architecture, along with implementation and testing plans. The deliverables will include reports that document these steps as well as a final project report, including the challenges they faced, and a user manual of the developed system. Students will explore security issues of their project and its potential impact on society. Teams will also make presentations as well as demonstrate their software. Additionally, this course will cover topics related to computer science profession including ethics and professional responsibility, entrepreneurship, leadership, and project management. Prerequisites: (CE 3345 or CS 3345 or SE 3345 or TE 3345), and (CE 3354 or CS 3354 or SE 3354 or equivalent), and at least three CS 43XX classes. (4-0) S