UT Dallas 2014 Undergraduate Catalog

CGS4389 - Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

CGS 4389 Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (3 semester credit hours) Course examines how the human brain develops and changes throughout childhood to support a range of essential cognitive processes. The course will include the following topics: the development of the neuronal structures underlying imperative cognitive processes including: vision, attention, social cognitive, memory, language, and planning; how genetic and environmental factors interact to shape brain networks underlying human behavior; methods for studying cognitive neuroscience across the lifespan, including fMRI, EEG, rTMS, and DTI; and neuroplasitcity and the changing brain throughout development. Prerequisite: PSY 2301. (Same as CLDP 4389 and NSC 4389 and PSY 4389) (3-0) Y