UT Dallas 2014 Undergraduate Catalog

BA4V10 - ENACTUS Service

BA 4V10 ENACTUS Service (1-3 semester credit hours) This course is designed for students participating in Enactus. Students in Enactus partner with business and education leaders to take lessons learned in the classroom out to local communities in need of assistance. Working with the community, the students develop quality community outreach programs that focus on one or more of eight core areas: (1) market economics, (2) entrepreneurship, (3) financial literacy, (4) success skills, (5) environmental sustainability, (6) business ethics, (7) female empowerment, and (8) support of the military. These projects will be developed and applied with the intent of creating a better business or educational situation for the community. The target group for these projects will be aspiring entrepreneurs, struggling business owners, low-income families, and school children. Instructor consent required. Credit/No Credit only. May be repeated for credit (3 semester credit hours maximum). ([1-3]-0) S