UT Dallas 2013 Graduate Catalog

Real Estate

REAL 6321 (FIN 6321) Introduction to Real Estate (3 semester hours) Overview of various aspects of real estate markets, including marketing, finance, taxation, development, law, appraisal, investment, valuation and real estate participants. (3-0) S

REAL 6322 (FIN 6322) Real Estate Finance and Investment (3 semester hours) This course covers commercial real estate investment analysis and instruments used in its finance. Topics include: real estate valuation, loan structures, syndication, securitization, and developments in capital markets affecting real estate developments. Prerequisite: FIN 6301. (3-0) S

REAL 6323 (FIN 6323) Real Estate Market Analysis and Commercial Investment (3 semester hours) This course provides insight into market analysis and research including local and economic base analysis with case studies on specific commercial investment property types. This course also applies modern technologies to assist in performing these analyses. Prerequisite or corequisite: (REAL 6321 or FIN 6321) or (REAL 6322 or FIN 6322). (3-0) Y

REAL 6324 (FIN 6324) Real Estate Development (3 semester hours) An in depth course covering issues faced in the development process including market analysis, government approvals, financing and risk assessment. Prerequisite: (REAL 6321 or FIN 6321) or (REAL 6322 or FIN 6322). (3-0) R

REAL 6326 (FIN 6326) Real Estate Law and Contracts (3 semester hours) Study of the legal principles governing real estate transactions, with an emphasis on promulgated contracts. Topics include contract law, tax law, leases, estates in land, types of ownership, deeds, mortgages, title insurance, agency and homestead. Prerequisite or Corequisite: (REAL 6321 or FIN 6321) or (REAL 6322 or FIN 6322). (3-0) Y

REAL 6328 (FIN 6328) Real Estate Valuation (3 semester hours) This capstone real estate course provides an in-depth study, application and evaluation of the theory and methods of residential and commercial property valuation and appraisal. Topics include the three major approaches to appraising real estate, regression analysis, market analysis, highest and best use analysis and capitalization techniques, with an emphasis on income properties. Prerequisite: (REAL 6321 or FIN 6321) or (REAL 6322 or FIN 6322). (3-0) Y