UT Dallas 2013 Graduate Catalog

Electrical Engineering: RF & Microwave Engineering

EERF 5305 Radio Frequency Engineering (3 semester hours) Introduction to generation, transmission, and radiation of electromagnetic waves. Microwave-frequency measurement techniques. Characteristics of guided-wave structures and impedance matching. Fundamentals of antennas and propagation. Prerequisite: EE 4301 or equivalent. (3-0) Y

EERF 6311 RF and Microwave Circuits (3 semester hours) Analysis and design of RF and microwave circuits. Topics include impedance matching, network theory, S-parameters, transmission line media (waveguide, coax, microstrip, stripline, coplanar waveguide, etc.) and passive component design (power dividers, couplers, switches, attenuators, phase shifters, etc.). Industry-standard microwave CAD tools will be used. Prerequisite: EE 4368 or equivalent. (3-0) R

EERF 6330 RF Integrated Circuit Design (3 semester hours) Introduction to RF and wireless systems; basic concepts of RF design: linearity, distortion, (P1dB, IIP3), sensitivity, noise figure; RF passives: Q-factors, impedance transformation, matching network; transceiver architectures: Receivers-Heterodyne, direct down-conversion, image reject receivers, direct conversion transmitter, two-step transmitter; low noise amplifier design; mixer design; oscillator design; basic architectures of power amplifiers. Use of Agilent ADS for design projects. Prerequisite: EE 4340. (3-0) Y

EERF 6351 Computational Electromagnetics (3 semester hours) Review of Maxwell's equations; numerical propagation of scalar waves; finite-difference time-domain solutions of Maxwell's equations; numerical implementations of boundary conditions; numerical stability; numerical dispersion; absorbing boundary conditions for free space and waveguides; selected applications in telecommunications, antennas, microelectronics and digital systems. Prerequisite: EE 4301 or equivalent. (3-0) R

EERF 6355 RF and Microwave Amplifier Design (3 semester hours) Design of high-frequency active circuits. Review of transmission line theory. RF and microwave matching circuits using discrete and guided wave structures. Detailed study of S-parameters. Design of narrow band, broadband and low noise amplifiers. Detailed study of noise figure, noise parameters and stability of RF and microwave circuits using S-parameters. Prerequisite: EE 4368 or equivalent. (3-0) R

EERF 6392 Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuit Design (3 semester hours) Millimeter wave applications, silicon integrated circuits technology trends, passive components in silicon IC's for millimeter wave operation, Drude model for silicon substrate, parasitic modeling, NQS transistor model, High frequency limit for thermal noise, chip interface including packaging and antenna, comparison between RF and mm-wave circuits, techniques for extending circuit operation frequency (injection locking and frequency multiplication), and diode circuits including a parametric amplifier. Prerequisite: EECT 6325 and EERF 6311 or equivalent. (3-0) T

EERF 6394 Antenna Engineering and Wave Propagation (3 semester hours) Operating principles for microwave antennas used in modern wireless communications and radar systems. Prerequisite: EEGR 6316 or equivalent. (3-0) T

EERF 6395 RF and Microwave Systems Engineering (3 semester hours) Review of RF and microwave systems, such as cellular, point-to-point radio, satellite, RFID and RADAR. Topics include: system architectures, noise & distortion, antennas & propagation, transmission lines & network analysis, active & passive components, modulation techniques and specification flowdown. Prerequisite: EE 4368 or equivalent. (3-0) R

EERF 6396 Microwave Design and Measurement (3 semester hours) This lecture and lab course covers the fundamentals of microwave component design and measurements, including vector impedance (scattering parameters), scalar measurements and spectrum analysis. Microwave components, such as filters, directional couplers, switches, amplifiers, and oscillators, will be designed and simulated with various CAD tools and then built and measured to compare performance with theory. Prerequisite: EE 4368 or equivalent. (2-1) R

EERF 7330 Advanced RF Integrated Circuit Design (3 semester hours) Power Amplifiers, different classes of linear (A, B, AB, C) and switching power amplifiers (E, G, H), CMOS Integrated power amplifiers, High Efficiency Power Amplifiers (Doherty Power Amplifier); Phase Locked Loops: Basic concepts of PLL, Charge pumps, Type-I and Type-II PLLs, Noise in PLLs, Phase Noise, Frequency multiplication, RF Synthesizer Architectures, Frequency Dividers, Fractional-N PLLs, Delta-Sigma based PLLs, ADPLL; Advanced RF transceivers; Wideband and multiband radio design; Complete link budget analysis for wireless systems. Design project will focus on design of the entire transmitter using Agilent ADS. Prerequisite: EERF 6330 (RF Integrated Circuit Design). (3-0) Y

EERF 7v89 Special Topics in RF and Microwave Systems (1-6 semester hours) For letter grade credit only. (May be repeated to a maximum of 9 hours.) ([1-6]-0) R