UT Dallas 2023 Graduate Catalog

SMED5304 - Research Methods in Science and Mathematics

SMED 5304 Research Methods in Science and Mathematics (3 semester credit hours) In this course students explore the nature of science and mathematics and implications for classroom instruction in these disciplines. Students conduct open-ended, inquiry projects grounded in critical and logical thinking that involve observations, research, investigation planning, data collection or use of archival data, analysis and interpretation of data, proposing explanations, considering alternatives, generating predictions, and conveying results in student peer-reviewed papers and presentations appropriate for a professional forum. Students conduct open-ended research into instructor approved topics of their choosing related to the subjects they teach or plan to teach. Students develop and pursue inquiries based on original ideas, literature research, discussions with experts, and via trial and error. Through individual and group work, students explore authentic engagement with science and mathematics and applicability to a classroom context. Recommended Prerequisite: SMED 5303. (3-0) Y