UT Dallas 2023 Graduate Catalog

PPPE6367 - Environmental Economics and Policy

PPPE 6367 Environmental Economics and Policy (3 semester credit hours) The purpose of this course is to identify various local and global environmental problems and to utilize the major analytical tools to address complex environmental management issues, particularly their impact on human health. Emphasis is placed on the use of economic tools for modeling environmental problems and their policy and management solutions. Students will be exposed to principles of microeconomic fundamentals (market models, benefit-cost analysis, etc.) and the major concepts of public goods and externality theory, which are applied to a variety of traditional and contemporary cases of environmental management and policy. Students will review and discuss scholarly research articles in the area of six major environmental research topics, such as (1) indoor air quality management, (2) outdoor air quality management, (3) water quality management, (4) hazardous solid waste management, (5) pesticides and toxic chemical management, and (6) climate change and global sustainable development. (3-0) T