UT Dallas 2023 Graduate Catalog

PPPE6343 - Global Health Policy

PPPE 6343 Global Health Policy (3 semester credit hours) This introductory but interdisciplinary course examines contemporary issues in global health policy and practices. This course helps students understand various social, economic, political and environmental determinants of health and considers evidence that inequalities in education, income and accessibility to resources influence health status. Students will develop skills in cost-effectiveness analysis, health outcome measurement and spatial analysis, using a variety of contemporary global health case studies that focus on content areas such as maternal and child health, environmental health, infectious diseases (HIV/AIDS, malaria, diarrheal diseases, etc.) and global healthcare delivery. Emphasis is placed on issues of global health inequality at various levels, exploring the nature and extent of global inequalities in health and the possible policy responses to reducing global health disparities. (3-0) T