UT Dallas 2023 Graduate Catalog

PPPE6302 - Conflict in Cyberspace

PPPE 6302 (PSCI 6302) Conflict in Cyberspace (3 semester credit hours) Cyberspace is not an isolated concept. It expands beyond the conventional notions of networks. Indeed, despite its technical specificities, cyberspace is a domain of human interactions. While many security issues organizations and individuals face are highly technical, their underlying causes and systematic effects are inherently behavioral. Therefore, it makes little sense to approach cybersecurity from a narrow, purely technical perspective. Yet many courses focus on 'the mechanics' of cybersecurity at the expense of behavioral and political aspects. In contrast, this class considers cyberspace as a synergistic entity. First, it examines conflicts and violence in the pre-digital age. Next, it discusses the origins, organization, and evolution of cyberspace. Finally, it explores how cyberspace reshapes conventional conflicts and produces new ones. (3-0) R