UT Dallas 2023 Graduate Catalog

PA8330 - Inside Washington: Policymaking from the Ground Up

PA 8330 Inside Washington: Policymaking from the Ground Up (3 semester credit hours) This course competitively selects a group of UT System graduate students to spend an 11-week summer program in Washington, D.C. The course is designed to complement students' experiences at their accompanying three-semester credit hour internship placement. The course provides a context for and a familiarity with the dynamics that influence all activity in the government, including meeting officials from the White House, House and Senate, nonprofits, lobbying firms, think tanks, the media, and others. Students return with a participant's understanding of the workings of the remarkable machinery of the federal government. Corequisites: PA 8331 and PA 8332 and instructor consent required. (3-0) Y