UT Dallas 2023 Graduate Catalog

GISC6387 - Geospatial Sciences Workshop

GISC 6387 (GEOS 6387) Geospatial Sciences Workshop (3 semester credit hours) Fulfills the research project requirement for one of the Geospatial Science graduate certificate programs, e.g. GIS, remote sensing and geospatial intelligence. Each participant develops a project which should include aspects of geospatial database design, manipulation, and analysis, and cartographic production. Projects may be designed in coordination with a local government, utility, business, or other entity that uses GIS in its operations and research. Note: Students should take this course with varied research topics if different certificate programs are pursued. May be repeated for credit as topics vary (9 semester credit hours maximum). Prerequisite: GEOS 6381 or GISC 6381. (3-0) Y