UT Dallas 2023 Graduate Catalog

BPS6387 - Private Equity

BPS 6387 Private Equity (3 semester credit hours) Executive Education Course. Today's fluid economies require corporations to restructure, merge, acquire, or be acquired to remain competitive and relevant in the current marketplace. Companies' stakes are bought and sold all the time. Private Equity's typical life cycle lasts 2+ years in which their target is to acquire all shares, de-list it, change the management structure, improve the financial performance using performance metrics, and finally exit it. This course is structured where the following fundamental questions will get answered: What do Private Equity Firms do? Which are the different types of strategies they pursue when investing or exiting? What is the typical structure of a private equity firm? How to determine the investment horizon of a PE investment? Do PE firms target specific companies? Students will learn PE strategies, general and limited partnerships, deal origination, due diligence, valuation, deal structure, performance metrics, and portfolio oversight. Prerequisites: FIN 6301 and BPS 6310 and BPS 6254. (3-0) Y