UT Dallas 2023 Graduate Catalog

BIOL6V51 - Biotechnology Project Design

BIOL 6V51 Biotechnology Project Design (1-6 semester credit hours) The course engages students to design a theoretical application that addresses a problem or need with a biotechnological solution. It aims to build students' multidisciplinary knowledge and integrative skills with case-based learning. The central theme is the development of a self-guided project in which students propose conception of inventive and visionary products. The projects may involve applications concerning medicine, agriculture, energy, or the environment, such as therapeutic drugs and biologicals to treat diseases and disorders, bioanalytical applications with mechanical and electronic adaptations for measuring biological markers, genetically modified plants with enhanced traits for increasing food and feed production, metabolic engineering approaches to design microbes for the production of biofuels and industrial biochemicals, or ecosystem bioremediation, etc. Projects are expected to combine theoretical concepts and practical approaches within a multistage decision-making process in which ideas are modeled towards application development. Projects are evaluated from procedural, integrative, and organizational perspectives. Emphasis is given to problem definition, scientific valuation, simplicity and specificity of the approach, and real-life application potential. Assessment is done critically at three levels: to monitor students' progress, to check the completion of specific points that describe the approach-goal-motivation-scope, and to evaluate the final report. Report should include work that substantiates comprehension of the background information, knowledge and use of gene/protein sequences and structures, molecular and cellular processes, scientific methodology, application design, and/or process development. The course is appropriate for students interested in applying engineering principles to develop comprehensive and multidimensional hypothetical approaches. Students are encouraged to perform preliminary research and bring potential ideas for project development. Instructor consent required. ([1-6]-0) R