UT Dallas 2023 Graduate Catalog

BIOL6684 - Biotechnology Laboratory

BIOL 6684 Biotechnology Laboratory (6 semester credit hours) Instruction of laboratory methods that have relevance to investigational approaches to study cell function, such as in differentiation, growth, and division, as well as understanding changes related to diseases and responses to drugs, experimental manipulations and treatments. The course highlights essential aspects of applications involved in analyzing DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells, and aims to build hands-on skills transferrable to biosciences research and biotechnology product development. Activities are organized in modules central to key practices, including laboratory biosafety, proper waste disposal, scientific methodology, experiment design, lab notebook keeping, molecular cloning, plasmid DNA preparation, restriction fragment analysis, cell culture and aseptic laboratory techniques, transfection of mammalian cells, protein extraction, SDS PAGE, immunoblot analysis, RNA isolation, polymerase chain reaction, DNA sequencing, gene and protein expression profiling, fluorescence and confocal microscopy, fluorescence activated cell sorting, and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Instructor may require students to demonstrate adequate prior knowledge in biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, and laboratory skills to enroll. Lab fee of $30 required. (2-[other]) S