UT Dallas 2022 Graduate Catalog

MIS6386 - Modeling for Business Analytics

MIS 6386 (BUAN 6383) Modeling for Business Analytics (3 semester credit hours) This is a fast-paced course that starts with an introduction covering popular approaches in business analytics (e.g., pre-processing, dimensionality reduction, association rules, clustering, basics of classification), proceeds into advanced methods (e.g., additional classification models, ensemble methods), and concludes with advanced models in customer analytics (e.g., discrete time models, continuous time models, count models, choice models). While the tool of choice will be Python, the focus of the course will be on modeling (i.e., this is not a course intended to teach you Python) - familiarity with Python is assumed. Credit cannot be received for both courses, (MIS 6334 or OPRE 6334 or BUAN 6357 or MIS 6357) and (BUAN 6383 or MIS 6386). Prerequisite or Corequisite: OPRE 6301 or BUAN 6359 or OPRE 6359 (3-0) S