UT Dallas 2022 Graduate Catalog

Graduate Policies and Procedures

Correspondence - Email

The University of Texas at Dallas recognizes the value and efficiency of communication between faculty/staff and students through electronic mail. At the same time, email raises some issues concerning security and the identity of each individual in an email exchange.

All official student email correspondence will be sent only to a student's UT Dallas email address and UT Dallas will only consider email requests originating from an official UT Dallas student email account. This allows the University to maintain a high degree of confidence in the identity of each individual's corresponding via email and the security of the transmitted information.

The University of Texas at Dallas furnishes each student with a free email account that is to be used in all communication with university personnel. The Department of Information Technology provides a method for students to have their UT Dallas mail forwarded to other email accounts. To activate a student UT Dallas computer account and forward email to another account, go to oit.utdallas.edu/netid/self-service.

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