UT Dallas 2022 Graduate Catalog

MIS6368 - Applied Cybersecurity Analytics and Risk Management

MIS 6368 (BUAN 6368) Applied Cybersecurity Analytics and Risk Management (3 semester credit hours) Students will explore IT Security and Analytics, perform hands-on exercises identifying security gaps with simulated data (application logs, network monitor logs, firewall logs, etc), and create predictions about potential security threats that could exploit the gaps. This course allows students to get an in-depth exposure to cybersecurity concepts and topics including security and risk management (legal, regulatory compliance), asset security (data classification, ownership, data security, and privacy), security engineering (security architecture, design, and security models), telecommunication and network security (perimeter protection, network attacks, IDS, IPS, firewalls), identity and access management (authentication, authorization, identity as a service), security assessment and testing, security operations (business continuity, disaster recovery, incident management, vulnerability and patch management), cryptography, and software development security. They will evaluate simulated data to identify security flaws and predict an organization's security position. (3-0) S