UT Dallas 2019 Undergraduate Catalog

PSCI4363 - International Law

PSCI 4363 International Law (3 semester credit hours) This course analyzes the concepts and bases of public international law. The first part of the course explores the operating system components of international law, namely how the law sets the general procedures and institutions for the conduct of international relations. In effect, international law provides the mechanisms for establishing rules, outlines the parameters of interaction, and provides the procedures and forums for resolving disputes among the relevant actors in international interactions. Topics in this section of the course include sources, actors, and institutions of international law. The second part of the course focuses on international law as a normative system. This signifies the specific standards and rules by which international relations are supposed to be conducted. If the operating system designates the structures (in a loose sense) that help define the global governance system, then the normative element provides the specific laws or policies that are the subjects or products of those structures. Topics in this section of the course include the use of force, human rights, and environmental protection. (3-0) R