UT Dallas 2019 Undergraduate Catalog

MATH1306 - College Algebra for the Non-Scientist

MATH 1306 College Algebra for the Non-Scientist (3 semester credit hours) This course is intended for students NOT continuing on to precalculus or calculus. The course is designed to develop both abstract thinking and a practical approach to problem solving. The emphasis is on understanding rather than purely computational skills. Topics include logic, sets, the real numbers, linear equations and their applications, functions, and graphs. May not be used to satisfy major requirements for majors in the Schools of Natural Sciences and Mathematics or Management, or degree requirements for the School of Engineering and Computer Science. Not all MATH/STAT courses may be counted toward various degree plans. Please consult your degree plan to determine the appropriate MATH/STAT course requirements. Prerequisite: ALEKS score required. (3-0) S