UT Dallas 2019 Undergraduate Catalog

IPEC4306 - Economic Development: Re-Engineering Places and Performances

IPEC 4306 Economic Development: Re-Engineering Places and Performances (3 semester credit hours) This course introduces students to the origins and assumptions - policy tools and program metrics - underlying "economic development" theory and practice focused on the "design" of economic futures for specific regions, states, and places. What metrics define the "targets" of economic development strategies? What comprises success? What evidence lends support and encouragement for such efforts? Using selected case studies of economic development projects and programs, we will evaluate available evidence for indications of the success with which economic development efforts have achieved their intended goals. Finally, we will explore the prospects for a re-imagined economic development toolkit oriented less to rejuvenate and restore past capabilities and more to facilitate the transit to new roles and opportunities. (3-0) T