UT Dallas 2019 Undergraduate Catalog

BIOL4371 - General and Molecular Virology

BIOL 4371 General and Molecular Virology (3 semester credit hours) What is a virus? What is the basis of virus/host specificity? How do viruses replicate? This course will cover virus structure, classification, gene expression, and replication. Once we have covered the basics using a few select model systems, we will consider selected groups of viruses from each of the three domains of life and discuss in detail virus replication from attachment to release of progeny virions (and/or alternative fates such as lysogeny, abortive infections and others). This course is designed for upper level undergraduate students who have a firm grasp on the basics of Central Dogma: transcription, translation, replication, as well as a background in bacteriology and eukaryotic cell biology. BIOL 3302 is recommended but not required. Prerequisites: BIOL 3301 and (BIOL 3520 or BIOL 3V20) or instructor consent required. (3-0) Y