UT Dallas 2019 Graduate Catalog

OPRE6394 - Technology and New Product Development

OPRE 6394 (ENTP 6375 and MIS 6375 and SYSM 6332) Technology and New Product Development (3 semester credit hours) This course addresses the strategic and organizational issues confronted by firms in technology-intensive environments. The course reflects six broad themes: (1) managing firms in technology-intensive industries; (2) forecasting key industry and technology trends; (3) linking technology and business strategies; (4) using technology as a source of competitive advantage; (5) organizing firms to achieve these goals; and (6) implementing new technologies in organizations. Students analyze actual situations in organizations and summarize their findings and recommendations in an in-depth term paper. The course also introduces concepts related to agile engineering. Case studies and class participation are stressed. (3-0) Y