UT Dallas 2019 Graduate Catalog

GEOS5356 - Isotope Geochemistry

GEOS 5356 Isotope Geochemistry (3 semester credit hours) Synthesis of the elements in stars and chronologies for the galaxy. Isotope systematics in meteorites, abundance anomalies, cosmogenic nuclides, and solar system chronologies. The development of the modern multi-collector mass spectrometer. Mass fractionation laws, double spiking techniques, and high precision isotope ratio measurements. Isotope geochemistry of noble gases and radiogenic nuclides as pertaining to the composition and history of the mantle and crust. Application of stable isotopes to studies of diagenesis and water-rock interaction, groundwater management, paleoceanography and secular variations in the isotopic composition of seawater. High-temperature and, where applicable, low-temperature water-rock interactions pertaining to the origin of igneous rocks. The evolution of radiogenic Sr in sea water. Radiometric age dating as applied to the solution of geologic problems. (3-0) R