UT Dallas 2019 Graduate Catalog

EERF7330 - Advanced RF Integrated Circuit Design

EERF 7330 Advanced RF Integrated Circuit Design (3 semester credit hours) Power Amplifiers, different classes of linear (A, B, AB, C) and switching power amplifiers (E, G, H), CMOS Integrated power amplifiers, High Efficiency Power Amplifiers (Doherty Power Amplifier); Phase Locked Loops: Basic concepts of PLL, Charge pumps, Type-I and Type-II PLLs, Noise in PLLs, Phase Noise, Frequency multiplication, RF Synthesizer Architectures, Frequency Dividers, Fractional-N PLLs, Delta-Sigma based PLLs, ADPLL; Advanced RF transceivers; Wideband and multiband radio design; Complete link budget analysis for wireless systems. Design project will focus on design of the entire transmitter using Agilent ADS. Prerequisite: EERF 6330. (3-0) Y