UT Dallas 2018 Graduate Catalog

PPPE6373 - Issues in Science, Technology and Society

PPPE 6373 Issues in Science, Technology and Society (3 semester credit hours) This course explores a number of topics related to the roles of science in society and the relationship between science, technology and society. Topics include epistemological issues having to do with the conduct of scientific research, the role of scientific objectivity and the challenges to scientific objectivity posed by politics and postmodernist influences on the scientific enterprise. The course also explores the impact of technological advances upon society in areas such as biotechnology, information technology and computing, and artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology and robotics, and what kind of policy responses, if any, to these new technologies, are appropriate. The ethical dimensions posed by the increased role of science and technology in the twenty-first century will be an important theme of the course. (3-0) T