UT Dallas 2018 Graduate Catalog

Graduate Policies and Procedures

International Travel, Policies and Services

Students representing UT Dallas through participation in a UT Dallas Education Abroad program, or for international events such as conferences, workshops, or sports competitions, are required to complete international travel procedures and receive approvals prior to travel. Travel to high risk regions requires review and approval through the UT Dallas International Oversight Committee (IOC). With appropriate approvals, the traveler receives coverage in related international insurance plans, and access to university risk and safety services. The International Center Risk and Safety Office facilitates enrollment in the international health insurance plan, provides risk assessments through the high risk regions tool and world status reports, and provides programs on international risk mitigation through workshops and facilitated conversations with safety experts.

International Risk and Safety is located in the Student Services Building, SSB 3.400. More information can be found at www.utdallas.edu/rs or by calling 972-883-4189.

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