UT Dallas 2018 Graduate Catalog

School of Arts and Humanities

Graduate Program in History

The program leading to the MA in History is designed both for individuals wishing to enhance their knowledge of and skills at the study of the past and for those intending to pursue a doctorate in a related field. Thus, students seeking the MA in History have two options, a "research" or a "professional" option. Students with plans for doctoral study should choose the research option.

Students in the research option must complete thirty-six semester credit hours of coursework, demonstrate reading proficiency in an approved foreign language, and successfully complete a master's thesis.

Master of Arts in History

36 semester credit hours minimum


Professors: Charles R. Bambach, David F. Channell, Pamela Gossin, Zsuzsanna Ozsváth, David A. Patterson, Nils Roemer

Professor Emeritus: Joan Chandler, R. David Edmunds, Michael S. Simpson

Associate Professors: Matt Brown, J. Michael Farmer, Peter Park, Monica Rankin, Natalie J. Ring, Eric Schlereth, Daniel B. Wickberg, Michael L. Wilson

Associate Professor Emeritus: Gerald L. Soliday

Assistant Professors: Rosemary Admiral, Kimberly Hill, Whitney Stewart, Benjamin (Ben) Wright

Major Core Course: 3 semester credit hours

HIST 6301 Historiography

Students are expected to complete this course within their first two semesters of enrollment.

Electives in History (HIST) or History of Ideas (HUHI): 24 semester credit hours

Twenty-four semester credit hours chosen from graduate courses in HIST or HUHI, at least fifteen of which must be in HIST courses. Normally no more than six semester credit hours of independent study are applicable to the degree plan.

Elective Course: 3 semester credit hours

Three semester credit hours in any organized course outside of History (HIST) and History of Ideas (HUHI), but normally in the Humanities Graduate Program.

Thesis: 6 semester credit hours

HIST 6399 Master's Thesis

Having completed thirty semester credit hours of coursework, students must write and present a thesis in history for evaluation by a master's committee.

Students in the professional option in History must complete thirty-six semester credit hours of coursework, including HIST 6301 and normally all in organized HIST and HUHI courses. They are not required to complete a thesis or meet a foreign-language requirement, and they receive a terminal degree.

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