UT Dallas 2018 Graduate Catalog

MKT6335 - Advertising Research

MKT 6335 Advertising Research (3 semester credit hours) The course serves as a central basis for marketing communication related decision making and provides an introduction to advertising research designs and procedures. The course is practical, quantitative, and an emphases on tools and applications that take advantage of information tracking technologies in the digital environment. Topics include (1) the acquisition, evaluation, and analysis of information needed for informed advertising decision making and planning; (2) methods used in pre-testing advertising messages, post campaign (tracking studies) testing, concept testing, observational research, ethnographic research, surveys, focus groups, and various sources of secondary data; (3) new trends in advertising research such as the use of social media data and geo-location information collected from mobile devices. Prerequisite: MKT 6301. (3-0) T