UT Dallas 2018 Graduate Catalog

MIS6356 - Business Analytics With R

MIS 6356 (BUAN 6356 and OPRE 6305) Business Analytics With R (3 semester credit hours) This course covers theories and applications of business analytics. The focus is on extracting business intelligence from firms' business data for various applications, including (but not limited to) customer segmentation, customer relationship management (CRM), personalization, online recommendation systems, web mining, and product assortment. The emphasis is placed on the 'know-how' -- knowing how to extract and apply business analytics to improve business decision-making. Students will also acquire hands-on experience with business analytics software in the form of R. Credit cannot be received for both courses, MIS 6324 and MIS 6356. Corequisite: OPRE 6301 (3-0) Y