UT Dallas 2018 Graduate Catalog

HCS7371 - Neuroplasticity and Disorders of the Nervous System

HCS 7371 Neuroplasticity and Disorders of the Nervous System (3 semester credit hours) Understanding the anatomical and functional bases for human neuroplasticity. This is a systems-oriented course that covers aspects of the pathophysiology of the nervous system that are related disorders where expression of neuroplasticity plays an important role. The course covers the neuroscience bases for expression of neuroplasticity and how reorganization of the nervous system may cause pain, tinnitus, paresthesia, and other symptoms of neural disorders. The role of the little known non-classical sensory pathways is discussed and hyperactivity of motor systems is covered. The organization of motor systems, pain circuits, and sensory systems are also included in the course. Department consent required. Prerequisites: BBSC majors only and department consent required. (3-0) Y