UT Dallas 2018 Graduate Catalog

GEOS5373 - Physical Properties of Rocks

GEOS 5373 Physical Properties of Rocks (3 semester credit hours) This course provides an understanding of the physical phenomena and processes that determine properties of rocks and soils. Topics include porosity and permeability; surface energy, roughness, and absorption; percolation, fractures and heterogeneous media; problems of scale; mechanical behavior of dry and fluid saturated rocks; elasticity; viscoelasticity, and plasticity; acoustic, electric, dielectric, thermal, and magnetic properties. The approach is practical, with emphasis on understanding why rocks behave as they do, and how simple physical principles can be used to predict rock and soil properties under various conditions. Suitable for graduate students in any branch of geosciences who wish to obtain a broad introduction to physical properties as they pertain to lab and field measurements, and are applied to reservoir, engineering, and environmental problems. (3-0) R