UT Dallas 2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Business Policy and Strategy

BPS 4305 Strategic Management (3 semester credit hours) Capstone-level course requiring integration of all fields of business. Students will draw on their broadened awareness of various environmental influences (social and political) to solve business problems. Management alternatives will be examined with an ethical perspective relating policy trends to the strategic planning mode. Prerequisites: (BCOM 3310 or equivalent) and (FIN 3320 and ITSS 3300 and OPRE 3310 and OBHR 3310 and MKT 3300) and (STAT 3360 or OPRE 3360). (3-0) S

BPS 4307 Corporations, Politics and Society (3 semester credit hours) Overview of the corporation as a political participant in the American political system. Topics include corporate political action committees, business lobbying, grassroots programs, Federal Election Campaign Act, and labor involvement. Prerequisite: BCOM 3310 or equivalent. (3-0) Y