UT Dallas 2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Business Law

BLAW 2301 (BUSI 2301) Business and Public Law (3 semester credit hours) Commercial and administrative law, focusing on the American judicial and legislative process, the law of contracts, agency, torts and laws of partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. (3-0) Y

BLAW 3301 Employment Law (3 semester credit hours) Introduction to the various legal issues that are involved in the modern employment relationship. The topics covered will include employment contracts, employment-at-will, anti-discrimination laws, occupational health and safety, pay equity, employee privacy, and other relevant topics. Prerequisite: BLAW 2301. (3-0) Y

BLAW 4301 International Law (3 semester credit hours) The course examines the nature, structure and sources of international law, the relationship between international law and domestic U.S. law, the role of international organizations such as the United Nations, World Trade Organization and Regional Organization such as European Union and NAFTA in international businesses. The course also deals with methods of resolving international disputes and conflicts, involving, firms and countries. Prerequisites: BLAW 2301 and IMS 3310. (3-0) Y

BLAW 4305 Introduction to Patent Law (3 semester credit hours) This course focuses on the protection of rights in inventions by providing an introduction to basic principles of the law of patents in the United States. We will cover basic theory and history of patent law in the United States, examine the basic procedures of the MPEP necessary for passing the patent bar exam, and consider and learn the structural workings of patents. This class will also be a working seminar class where students will provide an analysis of actual technologies that were filed for inventors affiliated with the University of Texas at Dallas. This course will be designed for people with technical backgrounds as well as for those with non-technical backgrounds. (3-0) R

BLAW 4310 Current Issues in Business and Law (3 semester credit hours) This class will explore current business and legal issues. Topics covered will likely include employment issues, government regulation, social media and copyright, marketing, ethical business decision making, negligence, Constitutional issues, and many others. Prerequisite: BLAW 2301. (3-0) Y