UT Dallas 2017 Graduate Catalog

SYSM6326 - Systems Lifecycle Cost Analysis

SYSM 6326 Systems Lifecycle Cost Analysis (3 semester credit hours) This course will provide an understanding of system lifecycle cost analysis concepts (also known as systems affordability) and the lifecycle cost process. The course will examine the importance of using these concepts when attempting to make the best possible engineering and business decisions. The concepts will include special emphasis on the analysis and evaluation of alternatives by collectively weighing costs, risks, reliability, weight, performance, and other benefit/risk parameters. Topics will include total ownership cost, various estimating methods and techniques (including sensitivity and some risk analysis), cost analysis process, system trade studies, and system cost effectiveness. The course will culminate with guided research related to the application of these concepts on student-focused subjects. Prerequisite: SYSM 6301. (3-0) Y