UT Dallas 2017 Graduate Catalog

List of Registration and Enrollment Requirements

Registration and Enrollment Policies
Registration and Enrollment Requirements
Academic Good Standing
Continuous Enrollment
Dates of Early, Regular and Late Registration
Schedule Changes: Dropping, Adding and Withdrawing From Courses
Paying Fees as a Part of Registration
Leave of Absence
Withdrawal (Resignation) from the University
Undergraduate Registration for Graduate Courses
Undergraduate Registration for Graduate Courses
Graduate Courses Applied Toward an Undergraduate Degree
Graduate Courses for Possible Future Use as Graduate Credit
Graduate Courses Taken in Fast Track Options
Cooperative Arrangements
Cooperative Arrangements
Concurrent Enrollment at Other Public Institutions
The University of Texas System
Visiting Student Program
Texas A&M University System
Course Policies
Auditing Courses
Course Numbering System
Course Offerings
Frequency of Course Offerings
Course Load
Repeating Coursework
Taking Unlimited Repeatable Courses
Taking Limited Repeatable Courses
Repeating Courses to Improve Grades
Additional Information About Repeating Graduate Courses
Final Examinations
Grades and Grade Point Average
Grade of I: Incomplete
Grade Changes
Pass/Fail Grading
Military Service
Military Service Activation Interruption of Education
Option to Remain Enrolled and Complete Coursework Following Brief Military Service
Option to Withdraw, Receive Incomplete Grade, or Receive Final Grade
Readmission Following Military Service
Other Policies
Academic Record and Official Transcription
Change of Address, Email, or Name
Copyrighted Material
Correspondence - Email
Criminal Background Check
Emergency Response, Fire Safety, and Security
Emergency Response
Fire Safety
Gang-free Zones
Missing Student Notification
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
International Travel, Policies and Services
Making a False Alarm or Report Involving a Public or Private Institution of Higher Education
Religious Holy Days
Student-Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act (Clery Act)
Student Travel Policy
Use of Facilities
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