UT Dallas 2014 Graduate Catalog

MIS6330 - Information Technology Security

MIS 6330 Information Technology Security (3 semester credit hours) With the advances in information technology, security of information assets has become a keenly debated issue for organizations. While much focus has been paid to technical aspects of the problem, managing information security requires more than technology. Effective information security management demands a clear understanding of technical as well as socio-organizational aspects of the problem. The purpose of this course is to prepare business decision makers to recognize the threats and vulnerabilities present in current information systems and who know how to design and develop secure systems. This course (1) uses lectures to cover the different elements of information security, (2) utilizes business cases and academic research studies to discuss information security issues faced by today's businesses, (3) keeps in touch with the security market and practices through webcasts, and (4) presents strategies and tools to develop an information security program within the organization. (3-0) Y