UT Dallas 2014 Graduate Catalog

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NS&M) houses six departments, each with graduate programs: Biological Sciences (MS, PhD); Chemistry (MS, PhD); Geosciences (MS, PhD); Mathematical Sciences, emphasizing Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Actuarial Science (MS, PhD); Physics (MS, PhD); and Science and Mathematics Education (Master of Arts in Teaching). In addition, there are three interdisciplinary degrees offered: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (MS) and Geospatial Information Sciences (MS, PhD). Each is relatively small and thus able to provide excellent graduate student - faculty contact. However, each maintains a strong research program. Increasingly, departments interact with each other in research, allowing interdisciplinary efforts to flourish. A number of well-funded Research Centers and Institutes are also housed in NS&M; these allow graduate students to approach real world, cutting edge research problems while working side by side with professional research staff and internationally recognized faculty. They are: the Center for Applied Biology; the Center for Lithospheric Studies; the UT Dallas NanoTech Institute; the Center for Quantum Electronics; and the Center for Space Sciences.

Degrees Offered

Biological Sciences



Mathematical Sciences


Science and Mathematics Education

Interdisciplinary Studies

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