UT Dallas 2014 Graduate Catalog

Appendix II

Respective Responsibilities of Students and Faculty

A. Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for reading this catalog and understanding the programs, rules, and regulations affecting their academic progress. Further, students are responsible for fulfilling degree requirements and for enrolling in courses that fit into their degree programs.

Students are urged to plan their work with care, consulting their graduate advisors and those of the teaching staff under whom their work will be taken, and to bear in mind the requirements for the degree they seek. Students are responsible for developing a program of studies approved by their graduate advisor acting on behalf of the Graduate Studies Committee for the graduate program in which they are enrolled. The program of study must assure substantial mastery of the scholarly apparatus of the student's chosen field as well as any languages or other research skills necessary to pursue the degree. The requirements for a particular degree are listed in this catalog under the name of the specific program.

In addition, all graduate students must visit their graduate advisors prior to registration for the semester in which they plan to graduate.

A. Faculty Responsibility

Faculty members are responsible for reading this catalog and understanding the programs, rules, and regulations so that they can effectively advise students.

Each graduate program has a Graduate Studies Committee that is responsible for the academic content of the programs of studies required for degrees, subject to certain administrative approvals. Each committee has responsibility for the acceptance of graduate students and for the approval of the specific program of study for each student. Each committee also has the responsibility for naming graduate advisors to advise graduate students until the time of appointment of their thesis or dissertation supervising committees, if any. Supervising committees must meet at least once each year and file an annual report on students' progress with the Dean of Graduate Studies.

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