UT Dallas 2014 Graduate Catalog

HCS6319 - Scientific Writing

HCS 6319 Scientific Writing (3 semester credit hours) This course covers the fundamentals of effective scientific manuscript writing and de-constructs the peer-review process. Instruction, exercises and assignments will focus primarily on the process of writing and publishing scientific manuscripts. The course will be simultaneous (1) lectures / discussions / class exercises on how to write effectively, concisely, and clearly, and, (2) preparation of an actual scientific manuscript to be ready for submission to a scientific journal at the end of the semester, which will involve one-on-one editing sessions with the instructor. Students must have data available, analyzed, and prepared for a writing project (e.g., first year project) prior to enrollment in this course which is open only to BBS doctoral students. May be repeated for credit (6 semester credit hours). Prerequisites: BBS doctoral students only. (3-0) Y