UT Dallas 2014 Graduate Catalog

EPPS6360 - Research Methods

EPPS 6360 (NATS 6360) Research Methods (3 semester credit hours) There is a growing global awareness amongst the academic community that skills and competency training must now be included when preparing graduate students for the 21st century workforce needs. For Master's and PhD students the attributes most frequently referenced sought across a broad range of employment sectors, include critical and creative thinking, analysis and synthesis of data, research methodology, ethics, scientific writing, teamwork, and creative presentation skills. The aim of the course on Research Methods is to help graduate students develop the skills necessary to succeed professionally and academically in a way that they can develop and manage their careers across a broad range of employment sectors in both academic and non-academic settings. Prerequisites: Admission to the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics or the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences graduate program and the student's departmental graduate advisor consent required. (3-0) Y