UT Dallas 2014 Graduate Catalog

ENTP6365 - Business Concept Validation

ENTP 6365 Business Concept Validation (3 semester credit hours) This course is designed to refine and validate a specific business concept based upon a UT Dallas technology currently resident in the Venture Development Center (VDC) or developed by an external organization. The course utilizes a structured customer discovery/validation methodology that requires early customer engagement and the development and validation of a comprehensive business model. Key assumptions will be validated utilizing primary and secondary market research, interviews with prospective customers and other industry participants, and field testing of Minimum Viable Products. Student teams will be selected and assigned to a project based on relevant experience and qualifications. Multiple projects will proceed through the course as a cohort, guided by the faculty and the inventor/researcher. This course may be repeated one time for course credit. ENTP 6365 utilizes the same customer discovery/validation process used in ENTP 6360. Credit cannot be received for both courses, ENTP 6360 and ENTP 6365. Instructor consent required. (3-0) R