UT Dallas 2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Course Prefixes by School

School of Arts and Humanities

Course PrefixPrefix Name
AHST Art History
AP Art and Performance
ARHM Arts and Humanities
ARAB Arabic
ATEC Arts and Technology
CHIN Chinese
COMM Communications
CRWT Creative Writing
DANC Dance
DRAM Drama
EMAC Emerging Media and Communication
FILM Film Studies
FREN French
GERM German
HIST History
HUMA Humanities
ISAH Interdisciplinary Studies-Arts and Humanities
JAPN Japanese
LANG Language
LIT Literary Studies
MUSI Music
PHIL Philosophy
RHET Rhetoric
SPAN Spanish
VIET Vietnamese

School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Course PrefixPrefix Name
CGS Cognitive Science
CLDP Child Learning and Development
NSC Neuroscience
PSY Psychology
SPAU Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science

Course PrefixPrefix Name
BMEN Biomedical Engineering
CE Computer Engineering
CS Computer Science
ECS Engineering and Computer Science
ECSC Engineering and Computer Science COOP
EE Electrical Engineering
ENGR Engineering
ISEC Interdisciplinary Studies-EE and CS
MECH Mechanical Engineering
NANO Nanoscience
SE Software Engineering
TE Telecommunications Engineering

School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences

Course PrefixPrefix Name
CRIM Criminology
ECON Economics
ENVR Environmental Sciences
EPPS Economic, Political and Policy Sciences
GEOG Geography
GISC Geospatial Information Sciences
GOVT Government and Politics
IPEC International Political Economy
ISSS Interdisciplinary Studies - Social Sciences
PA Public Affairs Management
PSCI Political Science
SOC Sociology
SOCS Social Sciences

School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Course PrefixPrefix Name
AMS American Studies
BIS Interdisciplinary Studies - Bachelors
ED Education
GST Gender Studies
HLTH Health Care Studies
ISIS Interdisciplinary Studies
PHIN Physical Instruction

Naveen Jindal School of Management

Course PrefixPrefix Name
ACCT Accounting
BA Business Administration
BCOM Business Communication
BPS Business Policy and Strategy
BLAW Business Law
ENTP Innovation and Entrepreneurship
FIN Finance
HMGT Healthcare Management
IMS International Management Studies
MIS Management Information Systems
MKT Marketing Management
OBHR Organizational Behavior/Human Resources
OPRE Operations Research
REAL Real Estate

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Course PrefixPrefix Name
ACTS Actuarial Science
BIOL Biology
CHEM Chemistry
GEOS Geosciences
ISNS Interdisciplinary Studies-Natural Science and Math
MATH Mathematical Science
NATS Natural Sciences
PHYS Physics
STAT Statistics

Undergraduate Studies

Course PrefixPrefix Name
UNIV University Course
DMTH Developmental Math
DRDG Developmental Reading
DWTG Developmental Writing